I rented a home in July of this year and learned recently that is in foreclosure.

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Q.:I rented a home in July of this year and learned recently that is in foreclosure. The owner wants me to assume the loan and pay him off $20,000.

Is this a difficult process? The home is perfect for me, but I filed chapter 7 this year and don’t think I will qualify for much of anything at this point. Can you give me feedback on this?


1. Assumable loans are rare these days, so verify that the loan is indeed assumable.
2. With your recent BK filing, you more than likely will not qualify for a loan for another few years, possibly 3 to 5 years. Meet with a reputable lender to see when you will qualify again. Since you are in Rio Linda, I recommend Eddie Fairchild of Summit Funding at (916) 504-9636.
3. Do not sign any paperwork without professional representation from a REALTOR and reputable ttle company.
4. DO NOT give up any money with the intention of potentially owning the home.
5. Divorce the property. Be prepared to leave the property. From a professional vantagepoint, and based upon the information you have provided, the circumstance is not leaning in your favor.

With the holidays upon us, you may want to think about being settled and look ahead. Start looking for another property to rent, and cut your loses now rather than allow any more time to go buy and watch your hard earned money go down the drain on a property that has no interest in you. Sorry to deliver the message so hard, but I’m just the messenger, by profession I might add! 🙂

My best to you!

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