Not All Listing Agents Deserve A Bad Rap

Yes, it’s true, some listing agents are non responsive and have zero accountability. They deserve to lose all their listings and are fit to be tied when they don’t respond to confirm that an offer has been submitted.

I’ve been on the side of the coin when I have submitted an offer for a buyer (a very strong offer I might add), got no confirmation of receipt, or even worse, got confirmation, a counter, a rejection, and then the listing closed for less than the offer I submitted <yesiwasmiffed>.

But do we really need to label this behavior exclusively as “listing agent” behavior? What about neglect and lack of accountability on the part of the buyer’s agent as well?

For example, this is how my day started (one day this week):

agent: “Hello my name is George from ABC Realty and I’m calling about your listing at 123 Main st? I just have a few questions.”
me: “Sure, did you say you are an agent?”
agent: “Yes”
me: “Do you have access to MLS?”
agent: “Yes”
me: “OK, how can I help you?”
agent: “So, is there a lockbox?”
me: “I don’t think so. Does MLS say there is a lockbox?”
agent: “No”
me: “I didn’t think so. Are you trying to show it?”
agent: “Yes”
me: “What does MLS say?”
agent: “Um, I am to call Julie?”
me: “Yes, make an appt with the seller per MLS instructions.”
agent: “Ok, thank you”
me: “Your welcome Geroge, have a nice day.”

Needless to say, my voicemail is very specific about how to best accomplish what you might need from me. Whether you are a buyer’s agent, buyer, seller, friend, or bill collector, I think I’ve got you all covered.

But I’m not perfect and am not professing to be. I’m merely stating that I have taken measures to attempt to address the concerns of various potential callers when I am not immediately available to take the call. I also update MLS frequently (not 100%, but more than 80%), so all property info necessary to make an offer (or at least a decision) is there.

So what’s my beef with buyer’s agents? It seems that we have a disconnect. I would say, because I have taken measures to give you what you need before you call, that not enough “footwork” is done on the part of the buyer’s agent before the unwarranted “you are so unprofessional” tirade of voicemails begin.

I realize that some listing agents do not have any systems in place to handle calls, update MLS, or even file management for that matter. But all I am asking is that, for those of us who do, instead of leaving an expletive on the voicemail, try checking MLS first.

(stepping down from the podium)

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