Don’t High-jack Dr. King’s Legacy

Officers of the National Negro Business League, 1904
Officers of the National Negro Business League, 1904
This is not a real estate post but it is related in the sense that had it not been for Dr. King, I would not have the pleasure of getting this off my chest via this post.

What would Dr. King say about our culture today? If we kept what he stood for in perspective and in context, how much of what his name is now used for would he actually agree with?

Martin Luther King, Jr stood for freedom, equality, and justice due to the tremendous hardships Blacks endured not only at that time, but also from the people before them. Slaves who lived lives not fit for most people’s dogs today. Cruel treatment in the form of rape, hangings, and torment. Taking fathers from their families and killing them in front of the children and wives, and so much more -horrific abuse. Yes, it all happened right here where you and I now live, for more than 200 years up until the 70’s and sporadically after that.

Through it all, Blacks were still a very proud people and worked very hard to prove themselves to whites. Not to be accepted, but to show that they were equal and in most cases, better than their white, prejudiced counterparts.

Equal as it pertains to their ability, their giftedness, their love for their families. Equal to being good fathers and mothers. Equal to being hard workers and being the best at whatever task they were given to do – whether it be a housemaid/butler, school teacher, attorney, preacher, or business owner (Yes, Blacks owned their own businesses, serving each other and abroad). Equal to being human.

Blacks were God-fearing, courageous, industrious, enterprising, educated, family oriented, law abiding, and proud people. They had overcome insurmountable odds. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr fought to preserve the integrity of the black race at THAT level.

When using his namesake, it is important that we do not water down his image and high-jack his legacy, the Black heritage and race, and that great moment in time to serve causes that don’t reflect the same integrity, struggle, and fight which he stood for.

Smartest Sacramento Valley Public Schools By SAT Score

Sacramento Schools
Sacramento Schools
SMARTEST PUBLIC SCHOOLS BY SAT SCORES: Looking for the best schools in the valley? Almost any school in the San Juan Unified School District and Placer Union High School District would have you on safe ground. But there are a few down the hill which are viable contenders as well. CK McClatchy (#18) and West Campus (#22), were the only Sac City Unified schools to make the top 25, but they made it. Only one, Pleasant Grove High, from the much touted Elk Grove Unified School District made it in the top 25 (tied with El Dorado High for #20).

Surprisingly, roaring in as a force to be reckoned with are the charter schools! Visions in Education Charter School in San Juan, K-12 (#25), Horizon Charter in West Placer (#24), Charter Community School Home Study Academy in the El Dorado County Office of Education (#5), and Davinci Charter Academy in Davis Joint Unified (#3).

Sacramento City Unified School District would do well perhaps to do what El Camino High (#17) did in the 70’s and return to a strong disciplinary emphasis, a stripped-down college preparatory curriculum, and a contract-supported, enroll-through-application-only process. In 2009, El Camino finally broke the important “800” barrier after two years of changes implemented by its former principal, Mike Stockdale. El Camino has continually met the requirements of the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) outlined under No Child Left Behind mandates, since their inception.(Wikipedia)

So who came in at #1? Mira Loma, Home of the Mighty Matadors! Committed to keeping their children engaged and excited about learning in season and out of season, you only have to search as far as their mission statement to see why this school is so successful year after year:

“Embracing diversity and valuing excellence, Mira Loma High School’s mission is to inspire and educate each student toward academic achievement, critical thinking, intrinsic success and responsible contributions to a peaceful international society by providing innovative, rigorous, student-focused instruction through a rich tradition of high-quality programs and dynamic activities in a safe, compassionate, and collaborative learning environment.”

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