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City and CSD to Open Warming Center in Elk Grove

(City of Elk Grove Press Release, December 4, 2013)

City of Elk Grove
City of Elk Grove

Elk Grove — In response to the forecasted night temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s, the  City of 
Elk Grove and Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) have opened a warming center in Elk Grove 
as a proactive safety precaution for residents who may be unsheltered or living in homes without heat.   

The warming center, located at the Barbara Morse Wackford Community & Aquatic Complex at 9014 
Bruceville Road, will be open from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  The warming 
center may remain longer, depending on weather conditions.  The situation will be monitored daily and 
the public will be updated in conjunction with the City and County of Sacramento and County Office of 
Emergency Services.   

The warming centers will offer seating and a heated room that will provide shelter from the cold 
temperatures.  The warming center will be operated by CSD staff.  The Barbara Morse Wackford 
Community & Aquatic Complex facility can accommodate pets.   

Besides a warming center, other options to stay warm include stores, community centers, public 
libraries, coffee shops and family and friends’ homes.   
Sacramento County recommends the following advice to stay warm during freezing temperatures:   

Loved Ones: 

  • Check on your family, neighbors and seniors, especially those living alone 
  • Make sure your pets are secure and safe out of the elements  
  • Discuss emergency plans in advance  

Keep an emergency kit in an easy‐access location 

Around the House and in Your Car: 

  • Clear debris from gutters and downspouts  
  • Store outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, decorations properly  
  • Secure outdoor plants or cover with blankets or plastic to prevent freezing  
  • Learn where your water shutoff valves are in case a pipe bursts  
  • Do not bring heating devices in doors that are intended for outdoor use, such as barbecues or other fuel‐burning devices  
  • Insulate pipes and allow faucetsto drip during cold weatherto avoid freezing  
  • Prepare your auto for cold weather      
  • Keep extra blankets, food and water in your vehicle 
  • Drive safely and slowly 
  • Avoid downed power lines  

Additional cold weather preparedness tips can be found on www.SacramentoReady.org.  For more 
information about emergency preparedness, visit www.elkgrovecity.org/ep or contact City of Elk Grove 
Emergency Manager Don Stangle at 478‐3610 or dstangle@elkgrovecity.org.  

Is Now A Good Time To Put Your House on the Market?

Selling Homes In Elk Grove and Sacramento
Selling Homes In Elk Grove and Sacramento

Potential sellers may be hesitant to put their home on the market in the winter because of the misconception that it’s not an optimal time for selling. However, regardless of the time of year there are always buyers in the market for a new home. An advantage of selling in the winter is that you can stage your home to take advantage of the indoor warmth of the season.

Below are several ideas to help you stage your home for a winter sale, such as placing a warm throw over the corner of the sofa to encourage a cozy feel and turning up the thermostat.

– Maintain your walkways
– Make it cozy
– Clean the clutter
– Turn the focus to the fireplace
– Turn on the lights
– Turn up the heat

-. Less competition
– Buyers are motivated to close
– Your home may show better
– You can take advantage of the holiday season

If you’re interested in selling your home, please contact me to learn more about its value and our local market. Be sure to share this information with family or friends who may be thinking about putting their homes on the market.

From my family to yours: Have a happy and safe holiday season with your loved ones.

Smartest Sacramento Valley Public Schools By SAT Score

Sacramento Schools
Sacramento Schools
SMARTEST PUBLIC SCHOOLS BY SAT SCORES: Looking for the best schools in the valley? Almost any school in the San Juan Unified School District and Placer Union High School District would have you on safe ground. But there are a few down the hill which are viable contenders as well. CK McClatchy (#18) and West Campus (#22), were the only Sac City Unified schools to make the top 25, but they made it. Only one, Pleasant Grove High, from the much touted Elk Grove Unified School District made it in the top 25 (tied with El Dorado High for #20).

Surprisingly, roaring in as a force to be reckoned with are the charter schools! Visions in Education Charter School in San Juan, K-12 (#25), Horizon Charter in West Placer (#24), Charter Community School Home Study Academy in the El Dorado County Office of Education (#5), and Davinci Charter Academy in Davis Joint Unified (#3).

Sacramento City Unified School District would do well perhaps to do what El Camino High (#17) did in the 70’s and return to a strong disciplinary emphasis, a stripped-down college preparatory curriculum, and a contract-supported, enroll-through-application-only process. In 2009, El Camino finally broke the important “800” barrier after two years of changes implemented by its former principal, Mike Stockdale. El Camino has continually met the requirements of the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) outlined under No Child Left Behind mandates, since their inception.(Wikipedia)

So who came in at #1? Mira Loma, Home of the Mighty Matadors! Committed to keeping their children engaged and excited about learning in season and out of season, you only have to search as far as their mission statement to see why this school is so successful year after year:

“Embracing diversity and valuing excellence, Mira Loma High School’s mission is to inspire and educate each student toward academic achievement, critical thinking, intrinsic success and responsible contributions to a peaceful international society by providing innovative, rigorous, student-focused instruction through a rich tradition of high-quality programs and dynamic activities in a safe, compassionate, and collaborative learning environment.”

Click here to see the complete list as composed by the Sacramento Business Journal

Dress Your Home For Success

Whether it’s an Open House, or simply presenting your home in the best light, it is necessary to view it from the eyes of a buyer!  Any money spent in this area may result in increased profits and a faster sale.

Maximizing Curb Appeal
Before potential buyers even see what the home has to offer, they view its exterior.  As a result, an unkempt or unattractive view of the outside of the home could potentially result in a missed opportunity.  To show the house in its best light, consider the following:

* Move all materials, including garbage cans and gardening supplies, from the front yard and into a garage or shed

* Mow the lawn and weed and maintain all planted areas

* Replace any outdoor light bulbs that are not working

* Sweep walkways and steps, and remove all small items from the porch or patio

* Replace worn or badly stained door mats

Once a potential buyer enters the home, they need to determine if it will meet their needs and expectations.  Give them the best view of the home’s interior by following these steps:

* Remove the home of any clutter by limiting decorative objects and clearing all unnecessary appliances from the kitchen countertops

* Rearrange or remove furniture to highlight the space in a room

* Review each room and clean or vacuum if necessary

These tips can help ensure you receive the highest price possible for your home.